Husker Genetics Brand Panhandle (NE05548 )

Wheat variety Panhandle

Husker Genetics Brand Panhandle (NE05548) is an awned, ivory-glumed semi-dwarf wheat with a short coleoptile, phenotypically; however, it is a tall wheat that possesses good yield potential and straw strength. It is moderately late in maturity, similar to Overland, and height is approximately 1 inch shorter than Goodstreak. It was developed cooperatively by the Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station and the USDA-ARS. Panhandle was selected from the cross NE97426/NE98574 where the pedigree of NE97426 is BRIGANTINA/2*ARAPAHOE and the pedigree of NE98574 is CO850267/RAWHIDE.

  • Resistant to soilborne wheat mosaic virus and stem rust
  • Moderately susceptible to leaf rust and stripe rust
  • Susceptible to barley yellow dwarf virus and wheat streak mosaic virus.
More variety characteristics in the Nebraska Crop Improvement Association 2016 Seed Guide (see chart on page 17)

Contact the following certified seed growers for this variety:

  • Ag Operations Group, Big Springs, 308-889-3429
  • Carter Certified Seed, Chappell, 308-874-4583
  • V & F Farms Co., Chappell, 308-874-2840