Jessica Groskopf - Extension Educator for Agricultural Economics

Jessica Groskopf

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Graduate Student
Family Financial Planning
4502 Ave I Scottsbluff NE 69361-4939

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Illustration for Quicken tags

Quicken Tags for Your Farm or Ranch

May 23, 2017
Learning how to use tags in Quicken can help you quickly capture various types of transactions and generate a picture of spending and income for categories important to your decision-making needs.

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Image illustrating home record keeping

5 Things to Improve your Quicken Record Keeping

May 3, 2017
Looking for ways to trim or customize your farm financial records in Quicken? Here are five steps to improve your financial record keeping experience for 2017.

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Piled grain and bins

Post-Harvest Grain Marketing: Cleaning Out Corn and Soybean Bins

April 12, 2017
Marketing grain in the bin can take a backseat to field work this time of year; however, given the current market, those with grain in storage need to be vigilant to changes in futures price, adjustments in basis, and accumulating storage expenses. Examples of stored corn and soybean at two Nebraska sites illustrate how storage costs can add up over time.

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Table of corn payments for Panhandle Counties

Farm Program Payments and Projections for the Nebraska Panhandle

April 10, 2017

This Panhandle Perspectives column, published by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Panhandle Research and Extension Center in Scottsbluff, offers data and examples specific to western Nebraska.

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Quicken Workshops at 5 Sites in March

March 10, 2017

When commodity prices go down, it’s important for farmers and ranchers to keep financial books on the ranch for more than just tax time. This March Nebraska Extension is continuing its workshops on how to use Quicken software for farm finances.

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Grain Marketing Workshops this Month

March 10, 2017

Location- and commodity-specific grain marketing information will be presented during the Nebraska Extension Grain Marketing Workshops to be held across Nebraska this winter. The meetings will provide information and tools to help grain producers minimize losses during this time of low prices.

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Grain Marketing Workshops Continue Next Week in Eastern Nebraska

February 1, 2017

The Nebraska Extension Grain Marketing Workshops continue this month with location- and commodity-specific grain marketing information and tools to help grain producers minimize losses during this time of low prices.

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Gordon Nebraska grain elevator
Figure 1. Now's a good time to begin your pre-harvest marketing plan. Gordon Nebraska grain elevator. (By Ammodramus, via Wikimedia Commons)

Pre-Harvest Marketing Strategies in Years with High Ending Stocks

January 27, 2017
This article looks at historical price patterns which can be used to determine a pre-harvest pricing strategy. Because of the record high ending stocks placing pressure on all three futures traded commodities, we will present both a 20-year average price pattern and a pattern for years with very high ending stocks for each.

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