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Well nodulated soybean roots

Making Data-Driven Decisions on Soybean Inoculation

April 6, 2017
Farmers, agronomists, and researchers provide three steps to deciding whether to inoculate soybeans this spring.

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Field of soybeans

10 Years of Research Shows Benefit of Reducing Soybean Seeding Rates

March 30, 2017
A review of 10 years of soybean research shows that reducing your seeding rate from 150,000 to 120,000 seeds/acre can result in a $10.69/acre savings without affecting yield (assuming a $60/unit seed cost at 140,000 seeds/unit).

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Farmer Jerry Mulliken of Nickerson

Increase Profitability with On-Farm Research

March 16, 2017
Jerry Mulliken discusses what he's learned from conducting more than 30 research studies on his farm near Nickerson, Nebraska. On-farm research provides meaningful information specific to a farm's soils, farming practices, and local conditions, allowing growers to make management decisions with confidence. Learn more from a farmer's perspective in this article and video.

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Nebraska Extension on Strengthening Nebraska's Agricultural Economy

February 3, 2017

According to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture, one in four jobs in Nebraska is related to agriculture.  This signifies the importance of agriculture to Nebraska’s overall economy.

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Impact of Cover Crops on Corn and Soybean Yield in Nebraska On-Farm Research

November 29, 2016
A review of studies in the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network on the impacts of cover crops on subsequent corn and soybean yields at various locations in Nebraska.

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Figure 1. Before turning cattle into your fields check grazing restrictions on the labels of any herbicides applied.
Figure 1. Before turning cattle into your fields check grazing restrictions on the labels of any herbicides applied.

Forage, Feed, and Grazing Restrictions for Row Crop Herbicides

November 1, 2016

As the end of corn harvest nears, some producers will soon be turning their cattle into corn stalks or cover crops to graze. Before taking this step, take time to review the labels from in-season and fall-applied herbicides for any grazing restrictions.

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Harvest 2016 — When Corn Yields are Below Expectations

October 14, 2016
A review of 2016 growing conditions across Nebraska sheds light on a number of factors that may have contributed to reduced yield in individual fields. An understanding of these factors may be helpful when selecting seed for 2017.

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Aspergillus ear rot damage in corn
Aspergillus ear rot damage in corn

Ear and Stalk Rot Diseases Becoming More Common in Corn Fields

October 13, 2016
Ear rot diseases have been observed and stalk rot diseases are becoming increasingly common. It’s important to scout for stalk rot diseases now to determine which fields are at greatest risk of lodging and should be harvested first. Although it is unknown if ear rot diseases are widespread, it’s also important to scout for ear rot diseases to know how to better handle affected grain at harvest to prevent or minimize impacts on grain quality.

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