Laura Thompson - Former Extension Educator

Laura Thompson

student, faculty
Graduate Student
1700 Stone St Falls City NE 68355-2033

B.S. Agronomy (Soil Science focus), University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2012
M.S. Agronomy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2014

Areas of Focus: On-farm research, ag technologies

Extension Interests: Co-coordinates the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network, through which innovative growers from across the state use on-farm research to address critical production, profitability, and sustainability questions.

CW Profile: Thompson Pursues the Puzzles of On-Farm Research

Nebraska farmer Joe Birkel on the benefits of on-farm research

Growers Statewide to Share On-Farm Research

January 28, 2019
More than 70 farmer-led, on-farm research projects on products, practices, and new technologies impacting farm productivity and profitability will be featured at the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network meetings this February.

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Aerial image of field showing differences between 15-inch and 30-inch row spacings
Figure 1. TerrAvion aerial imagery taken on Aug 4, 2017 at Chase County site showing less vigor and higher thermal stress in 30-inch row soybeans than in 15-inch row soybeans.

How Row Spacng Affects Irrigated Soybean in Southwest Nebraska

April 27, 2018
While continuous corn is the most common cropping sequence in southwest Nebraska, adding soybeans to a rotation could help break pest cycles. On-farm research comparing 15- and 30-inch soybean row spacing found increased yields of 4-12 bu/ac with an average 7 bu/ac increase with 15-inch rows.

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Drone flight over corn

Using Drones for Early Season Stand Assessment, Weed Scouting

April 26, 2018
A new Nebraska Extension NebGuide, Getting Started with Drones in Agriculture, covers how to integrate drones into crop management systems. It addresses drone types and sensor options, outlines a workflow for a drone-mapping project, and shares case studies of how farmers are using drones. Two examples — taking stand counts and scouting for weeds — are also described.

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Figure 1. Planting an on-farm research study in southeast Nebraska (Photo by Laura Thompson)
Figure 1. Planting an on-farm research study in southeast Nebraska (Photo by Laura Thompson)

Farmers Sought for On-Farm Research Trials

April 6, 2018
The Nebraska On-Farm Research Network is seeking growers to conduct research trials. At this time they are particularly seeking on-farm researchers for a study of Commence seed treatment and one comparing yields from various CRM hybrids. Other studies are available or new ones can be customized to fit a grower's needs.

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Graph of yields from soybean population study

What On-Farm Research has Taught Us about Soybean Seeding Rates

April 6, 2018
More than a decade of on-farm research studies in Nebraska show how soybean seeding rates (and the related input costs) can be reduced without significantly affecting yield. See what growers learned and consider whether a change might benefit your bottom line.

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Alternative Nutrient Supply Products: Highlights of On-Farm Research Results

April 5, 2018
Are you considering using a new soil nutrient product this season? Learn what farmers learned from these nine studies of alternative nutrient supply products and practices, conducted as part of the Nebraska On-farm Research Network (NOFRN) in 2017.

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Cover of 2017 Nebraska On-Farm Research Results
Cover of 2017 Nebraska On-Farm Research Results

2017 On-Farm Research Results Now Online

March 22, 2018
View the results from more than 80 Nebraska on-farm research studies conducted in summer 2017 in a free book, now available online.

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A row of corn

On-Farm Research Results: Impact of Torque on Corn Yield

March 7, 2018
This report synthesizes the results of seven on-farm research studies of using Torque™, a seed or furrow-applied growth promoter, in Nebraska between 2010 and 2015.

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