Laura Thompson - Extension Educator

Laura Thompson

1705 Stone St Falls City NE 68355

B.S. Agronomy (Soil Science focus), University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2012
M.S. Agronomy, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, 2014

Areas of Focus: On-farm research, ag technologies

Extension Interests: Co-coordinates the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network, through which innovative growers from across the state use on-farm research to address critical production, profitability, and sustainability questions.

CW Profile: Thompson Pursues the Puzzles of On-Farm Research

On-Farm Research Results: Impact of Torque on Corn Yield March 7, 2018

This report synthesizes the results of seven on-farm research studies of using Torque™, a seed or furrow-applied growth promoter, in Nebraska between 2010 and 2015.

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Figure 1. Extension Educator Gary Lesoing examines harvest data at one of the many on-farm research trials being conducted across the state. (Photo by Laura Thompson)
Figure 1. Extension Educator Gary Lesoing examines harvest data at one of the many on-farm research trials being conducted across the state. (Photo by Laura Thompson)

Growers Statewide to Share On-Farm Research Results January 26, 2018

Farm operators and agronomists from across the state are invited to hear about results from over 80 on-farm research projects at the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network update meetings this February. Projects cover products, practices, and new technologies that impact farm productivity and profitability.

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Bags of corn seed

On-Farm Research Opportunities for This Season April 28, 2017

If you've been thinking about incorporating an on-farm research study this year, the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network still has several opportunities.

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Results Finder Web Page

New Online Tool Helps Growers Easily Find On-Farm Research Results April 24, 2017

A new tool is available on the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network (NOFRN) website that allows growers to simply click on a map of Nebraska to find out about research projects conducted on farms in their area.

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Figure 1. Liquid fertilizer manifold used on a planter for applying starter fertilizer. (Photo by Charles Shapiro)

Starter Fertilizer: When is it Warranted? April 12, 2017

As you evaluate the cost of inputs, consider this: Only focusing on expenses without subsequent income changes is misleading. The most profitable plan uses the most profitable inputs. Is a starter fertilizer one of those inputs? The authors look at university and grower research under various conditions to see when a starter fertilizer offers economic benefits.

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Well nodulated soybean roots

Making Data-Driven Decisions on Soybean Inoculation April 6, 2017

Farmers, agronomists, and researchers provide three steps to deciding whether to inoculate soybeans this spring.

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Field of soybeans

10 Years of Research Shows Benefit of Reducing Soybean Seeding Rates March 30, 2017

A review of 10 years of soybean research shows that reducing your seeding rate from 150,000 to 120,000 seeds/acre can result in a $10.69/acre savings without affecting yield (assuming a $60/unit seed cost at 140,000 seeds/unit).

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Farmer Jerry Mulliken of Nickerson

Increase Profitability with On-Farm Research March 16, 2017

Jerry Mulliken discusses what he's learned from conducting more than 30 research studies on his farm near Nickerson, Nebraska. On-farm research provides meaningful information specific to a farm's soils, farming practices, and local conditions, allowing growers to make management decisions with confidence. Learn more from a farmer's perspective in this article and video.

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