Bruce Anderson - Extension Forage Specialist

Bruce Anderson

Work Keim Hall (KEIM) 314
Lincoln NE 68583-0915
Work 402-472-6237 On campus, dial 2-6237

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Pitfalls of Thickening Old Alfalfa Stands

April 13, 2016

If your alfalfa is looking a little thin, you may be tempted to add alfalfa to thicken the stand. Before you do, consider:

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Controlling Winter Annual Bromes in Pastures with Herbicides

April 1, 2016

Cheatgrass, downy brome, wild oats. Last fall’s moisture is making these early weeds a big problem in pastures this spring, reducing pasture quality and carrying capacity.

What can you spray to get rid of winter annual weeds like these?

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Wrapping Hay to Beat the Weather

April 1, 2016

Some years rain plays havoc with hay quality. When dark clouds are on the horizon some go ahead and bale the tough hay and hope it doesn’t spoil or get hot and burn. Others wait out the storm and cross their fingers that the rains will hit their row crop fields but miss their hay fields.

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Take Advantage of Spring Moisture to Boost Pastures, Alfalfa

April 1, 2016

Most of us have more moisture in our soil profiles this spring than we’ve experienced in a long time.  Following are some suggestions for how to take full advantage of this promising condition to better your pastures.

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Pros & Cons of Using Companion Crops When Planting Alfalfa

March 24, 2016

Alfalfa often may be seeded with a companion crop like oats to control weeds and erosion and provide a crop of grain or hay.  Clear seeding alfalfa alone, without a companion crop, also works well.  A preplant herbicide like trifluralin, Balan or Eptam often is sprayed and incorporated first to control weeds in a clear seeding, but a herbicide isn't always necessary.  So, which p

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Consider Double Cropping Forages on Crop Ground

March 23, 2016

Can’t make money on your crop ground and need more pasture? Double cropping annual forages may be a better option.

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Herbicide Options for Planting Forage Cover Crops after Corn and Soybean

March 18, 2016

Cover crop adoption is continuing to increase throughout Nebraska. Respondents to the 2015 cover crop survey conducted during Nebraska extension meetings indicated the top five desired benefits from cover crops are

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What Can We Expect from Forage Cover Crops?

January 15, 2016
Growth and production patterns vary among the many species used for forage cover crops. This article looks at some of the attributes of various species to help growers select those best suited to their situation.

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