Bruce Anderson - Extension Forage Specialist

Bruce Anderson

Work Keim Hall (KEIM) 314
Lincoln NE 68583-0915
Work 402-472-6237 On campus, dial 2-6237

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Be Alert to Risk of Alfalfa Winter Injury

February 17, 2017
WIth warm temperatures and intermittent early growth, alfalfa may be using up vital reserves needed for its regular growing season. Growers are urged to check their fields and make any necessary adjustments early.

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Dormant Spraying Alfalfa Weeds

February 17, 2017
Starting your weed control in dormant alfalfa can help ensure that weeds don't lower yields, reduce quality and slow hay drydown in that first cutting.

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cattle grazing on drought damaged-pasture
Drought can severely reduce the carrying capacity of a pasture, as shown in this 2012 Nebraska photo.

Plan for Drought When Negotiating Your Pasture Lease

January 19, 2017
Do you rent pasture? What happens if drought develops this summer and lowers pasture production below expectations? Specifically, what does your pasture lease say about drought?

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cover crops

Is Nitrogen Fixation Oversold with Legume Cover Crops?

December 16, 2016

One expected benefit of using legumes as a cover crop is to provide a source of nitrogen (N) to the cropping system. However, when legumes are included in mixtures with grasses and broadleaves for a relatively short growing period, the amount of actual fixed N may be relatively low.

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High Quality Hay Still Brings Top Dollar

November 11, 2016
If you're sitting on some high-quality hay and planning to feed your livestock, consider whether the market adage to "Sell high, buy low" might offer some sage advise for the hay market too.

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Nitrate Nitrogen or Nitrate — What's the Difference?

October 26, 2016

I just got the nitrate test results back from the lab and the level was 3,000.  Am I in trouble?

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Fall Management of Cool-Season Invaders in Pastures

October 12, 2016

When cheatgrass, bromes, and other cool-season plants invade native warm-season grass pastures and rangeland, they shift good grazing away from summer.

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Weed Control Options in Seedling Alfalfa

September 21, 2016

Late summer plantings of alfalfa tend to have fewer weeds than spring plantings, but this year, fall weeds may be a problem in some fields.

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