Soil Management for Sorghum

sorghum variety plot

Nutrient application is often needed to optimize sorghum production. Fertilzer nutrient needs for grain sorghum are based on expected yield, nutrient levels in the soil, and fertilizer-nitrogen costs: Fertilizer Suggestions for Grain Sorghum, NebGuide G1669 (*PDF, 593 KB 4 pages)

pale corn plantNutrient Deficiencies

Plant symptoms can be used to differentiate and identify crop nutrient disorders. Symptoms of nutrient deficiency vary with variety, growing conditions, and plant age. Similar symptoms may be caused by other abiotic or biotic stresses. Use these symptom keys to help identify nutrient disorders observed in Nebraska corn and sorghum, soybean, or wheat and small grains.

For more information on these and related topics, also check the UNL Extension publication, Nutrient Management for Agronomic Crops in Nebraska, EC155, available online, or in soft cover through your local Extension office.