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Unbiased research is the foundation and strength of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and Nebraska Extension.

Our research-based recommendations set us apart from other sources of information.

Sorghum Studies

On-Farm Research

You read agriculturally-related magazines and attend seminars.  You hear of new tools and ideas that other producers are trying.  You wonder if any of these tools and ideas will work for you on your operation.

That's where on-farm research can help provide you these answers.  Producers working with the university in on-farm research groups realize the value of conducting valid scientifically based research on their own farms.  Learn more about on-farm research here!

Research from University Departments

Agronomy and Horticulture

Agricultural Economics

Biological Systems Engineering


Plant Pathology

School of Natural Resources

Nebraska Extension On-Farm Research

University Research and Extension Centers

Agricultural Research and Development Center (ARDC)

Haskell Agricultural Laboratory (HAL)

Panhandle Research and Extension Center (PREC)

South Central Agricultural Laboratory (SCAL)

Southeast Research and Extension Center (SREC)

West Central Research and Extension Center (WCREC)

Research from USDA-ARS - Lincoln, Nebr.

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