Nutrient Management in Organic Production

The 2018 Nebraska Extension NebGuide, Nutrient Management in Organic Farming (G2295), provides guidance on nutrient management for certified organic crop production. It also has information valuable to conventional production, including content and availability of nutrients from various manure sources, composting, non-traditional biofertilizer products, and crop rotation suggestions. More detailed information on individual topics referenced in this NebGuide are available in the following publications:

Compendium of Research Reports on Use of Non-Traditional Materials for Crop Production

Evaluations of many biofertilizers and other non-traditional soil additives are searchable in this online database developed by Iowa State University. For example, searches for “soil inoculant,” “Azospirillum,” “fungal or VAM,” and "fish" retrieved 24, 5, 9, and 8 studies, respectively.