Katja Koehler-Cole - Research Assistant Professor in Agronomy and Horticulture

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New Introductory Cover Crop Guides Cater to Nebraska

November 8, 2019
Two new guides from the Midwest Cover Crops Council and Nebraska Extension offer key "how to" information for growers interested in integrating cover crops into their traditional corn-soybean rotation.

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This a cereal rye cover crop at the threshold (1,000 lb/ac) biomass level. It is about 6-8 inches tall (April 13, 2017 at the south-central Nebraska site).
Figure 1. This cereal rye cover crop is at the threshold (1,000 lb/ac) biomass level. It is about 6-8 inches tall (April 13, 2017 at the south-central Nebraska site).

Optimum Planting Times to Establish Cover Crops Following Corn

September 16, 2019
Results from a UNL study assessing biomass production of two cover crops (cereal rye alone or a cereal rye mix) planted either pre-corn harvest or post-corn harvest at three sites in eastern Nebraska.

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Andrea Basche in a field of cover crop planted into corn stubble

Cover Crop Research Team Receives Nebraska Environmental Trust Grant

June 3, 2019
Three agronomy faculty have been awarded a grant to develop a decision-support tool for the successful incorporation of cover crops into Nebraska cropping systems.

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Figure 1. Corn height and stalk diameter for the different treatments were measured weekly and compared.

Effect of Rye or Oat Cover Crop on Corn Growth and Development in a Rain-Fed, Wheat-Corn Rotation

March 12, 2019
Cover crop species and planting date are two factors that could affect the following crop. In this student study the effects on corn of cover crop species and planting dates were evaluated.

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Rye cover crop

Soil Microbial Communities under Cover Crops

March 12, 2019
This study examined impacts of using a cereal rye cover crop in corn systems in eastern Nebraska and found that it boosted the microbial community in the upper two inches of the soil. This may improve soil aggregation, nutrient cycling, and other soil health benefits.

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Graph showing the effects of four planting dates and two hybrids on plate internode length.

Planting Date Impact on Corn Growth and Ear Issues

March 12, 2019
Do delayed planting dates affect plant growth (leaf height, stem diameter, and internode length) and ear formation issues in corn? See what this student researcher learned from trials conducted near Clay Center in summer 2018.

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