Nebraska Potato Stocks as of Dec. 1

December 17, 2019

Nebraska growers, dealers, and processors held 5.10 million cwt of potatoes in storage on December 1, according to the USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service. Current stocks represent 55% of the 2019 production. Total stocks are defined as all potatoes on hand, regardless of use, including those that will be lost through future shrinkage and dumping.

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Mature ear of corn

Corn and Sorghum Harvests Nearly In

December 2, 2019
Nebraska's corn harvest was 96% complete, near 99% for both last year and the five-year average. Sorghum harvest was 97% done, near 99% for both last year and the average.

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Corn Harvest, at 85%, Nears the Finish Line

November 22, 2019
With warmer days last week, corn harvest made good progress and by Nov. 17 was 85% done, near last year's 86% but still behind the five-year average of 91%.

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Soybean field abutting a corn field
Both corn and soybean progress continued to lag short- and longer term averages, according to the July 15 report from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Corn and Soybean Progress and Winter Wheat Harvest Lag

July 15, 2019
Nebraska corn silking was at 11%, well behind 60% last year and 42% for the five-year average. Soybean progress was also lagging with just 28% blooming, compared with 63% last year and the average of 54%. Similarly, just 14% of the state's winter wheat crop had been harvested by July 14, well behind 57% last year and the average of 52%.

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NASS: Nebraska Wheat 61% Good-Excellent

March 25, 2019
Nebraska winter wheat condition was rated 8% excellent, 34% fair, 53% good, 4% poor, and 1% very poor, according to the March 25 Nebraska crop report from USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service.

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Corn, Soybean Condition 86% Good to Excellent

July 2, 2018

Corn and soybean condition rated 86% good to excellent in Monday's Nebraska Crop Progress and Condition report from USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service.

Corn condition rated 0% very poor, 2% poor, 12% fair, 67% good, and 19% excellent. Corn silking was at 8%, near last year's 7% and the five-year average of 4%.

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Soybean and corn fields

Nebraska Prospective Corn Acreage Drops 3%; Soybeans Drop 2%

March 29, 2018
Nebraska prospective plantings for 2018 for corn, at 9.3 million acres, are down 3% from 2017. Nebraska soybean prospects, at 5.6 million acres, are down 2% from 2017. Find more prospective plantings at the state and national levels.

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Nebraska Feedlot Cattle up 10% from 2017

January 26, 2018
Nebraska feedlots, with capacities of 1,000 or more head, contained 2.61 million cattle on feed on January 1, up 10% from last year.

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