Lisa Jasa - CropWatch Editor

With Delayed Corn Planting, Is It Time To Switch Maturities? May 9, 2019

Research suggests that staying with a full-season hybrid until late May often provides the best yield. If planting is delayed to late May or early June, consider a medium-season CRM might be considered.

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Grain bin safety infographic
Images showing how a grain bridge forms in a bin and can collapse, drawing someone in.

High Moisture Soybeans Challenge Grain Handler Safety February 13, 2019

After extended rains last fall, corn and soybean were stored at higher moisture levels than usual, leading to clogs and bridges in stored grain. This week a Nebraska farmer lost his life while trying to empty a bin. Check out these recommendations for staying safe and accessing training.

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Image of Herbie Husker in the ocean with a shark in promotion of Shark Tank coming to LIncoln

IANR's Engler Program Brings 'Shark Tank' to Nebraska January 30, 2019

Those innovative solutions you've developed in your shop or even in your kitchen might just land you a place on next season's Shark Tank. The ABC Emmy-winning program will be hosting a casting call in Lincoln this April, courtesy of the IANR's Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship program. Come and connect with other Nebraska innovators.

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Chart showing date of first snow of the season 1948-2018
Chart showing date of first snow of the season 1948-2018

Nebraska Weather: Variability is the Norm October 19, 2018

With much of the state's corn and soybeans still not harvested, it seemed too early for snow, but really how unusual is an Oct. 14 snow? UNL Climatologist Ken Dewey takes a closer look at the variability of Nebraska's weather.

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A researcher from the UNMC Center for Public Health works with a Nebraska farmer to fit protective ear wear.

Farmers Needed for On-Farm PPE Research with Benefits May 2, 2018

Could you be doing more to protect your health and the health of family and employees working on the farm? Find out by participating in a research study being offered by the University of Nebraska Medical Center.

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Research-Based Resources on Non-Traditional Crop Products March 15, 2018

If you're considering adding a non-traditional soil amendment or growth stimulant to this year's crop operation, consider checking this compilation of unbiased, university research studies conducted across the north central region to learn more about the product.

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Don Batie with his strip-till soybean plot.

Growers Share about Their On-Farm Research February 21, 2018

Three growers — Don Batie of Lexington, Ken Herz of Lawrence, and Derek Dam of Hooper — share what they learned from conducting on-farm research in 2017. Hear from other growers and learn how you can participate at Nebraska On-Farm Research Network Updates this week in Grant and Alliance.

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Glennis McClure

McClure Joins Extension as Farm Management Analytics Educator December 15, 2017

The new Extension Educator for Farm and Ranch Management Analytics is Nebraska native Glennis McClure. With a 100% appointment in Nebraska Extension, her responsibilities will include livestock and crop enterprise budgets, farm custom rates guide, and special economic analyses as requested.

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