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Laura Thompson
Laura Thompson

Thompson Pursues the Puzzles of On-Farm Research

May 12, 2016
Get to know Laura Thompson, a cropping systems and ag technologies extension educator in the Eastern Nebraska Research and Extension District. She and extension educator Keith Glewen co-coordinate the Nebraska On-Farm Research Network (NOFRN). “I enjoy being able to work directly with farmers on issues that are important to their farming operation in terms of profitability and long-term viability, helping them gather data to critically evaluate products or practices and produce their own relevant, science-based information.”

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Bowl of white noodles
Advancements in a new line of hard white wheat make it possible to develop white whole grain products that are more popular in the marketplace. The USDA research effort was led by Robert Graybosch, plant geneticist and research leader of the ARS Grain, Forage, and Bioenergy Research Unit in Lincoln.

ARS Lincoln Research Leads to Whiter Wheat

April 20, 2016

Getting rid of gray discoloring in foods such as fresh noodles, breads, and refrigerated biscuits is now possible, thanks to a new white hard wheat breeding line developed by USDA scientists in Lincoln.

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UNL Releases New Web Tool for Soybean Pest Management

April 14, 2016
What should I be scouting for in my soybeans today? In two weeks? What cultural practices might affect disease development? SoyCal, a new online tool from UNL, offers timely pest management information, recommended tasks, and UNL research results to help you tackle Nebraska’s primary soybean pests. Developed by University of Nebraska-Lincoln doctoral student Josh Miller with financial support from the Nebraska Soybean Board, the Soybean Management Calendar is now available at

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Chris Proctor New UNL Weed Science Educator

April 7, 2016

The challenges of studying integrated crop production systems sparked an interest in Chris Proctor that led him to expand his career focus in weed science from turf to global agriculture and food production.

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Depictions of Palmer amaranth in corn
Figure 1. (L) Palmer amaranth in corn and (R) a Palmer amaranth seedling. A member of the pigweed family, Palmer amaranth is a difficult to control broadleaf made even more difficult by its growing resistance to herbicides, including atrazine and HPPD inhibitors.

Managing Herbicide-Resistant Palmer Amaranth Field Day

July 1, 2015
Learn how to get an edge on managing Palmer amaranth resistant to atrazine and HPPD-inhibitor herbicides Tuesday, Aug. 4 at a Nebraska Extension field day near Shickley.

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Steps to Avoid Grain Bin Entrapment

October 3, 2014

How to install and use a lifeline rope system when entering a grain bin. (Source: Grain Handling Safety Coalition)

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Downed corn leading to harvest complications in 2012

Assessing and Harvesting Downed Corn

October 26, 2012

Also see Robert Klein's photo essay on an operation's effort to harvest downed corn and a related segment on YouTube from the November 2 Market Journal story with Rick Rasby.

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