Research-Based Resources on Non-Traditional Crop Products

Research-Based Resources on Non-Traditional Crop Products

If you’re considering using a non-traditional soil amendment or growth stimulant for your farming operation this year, consider checking the Compendium of Research Reports on Use of Non-Traditional Materials for Crop Production.

The website offers non-biased, research-based information from university studies conducted across the north central region over several decades in a single, searchable easy-to-use resource. Inoculants for soybeans, biostimulants for corn, spray adjuvants, and starter fertilizers are among the many product types reported on the site. All reports include at least two site-years of data, are replicated with statistical analysis, are reasonably applicable to crop production in the north central region, list the research study authors and are used with their permission, and include the reference source so you can find further information.

This week’s CropWatch features information on several years of Nebraska On-Farm Research Network studies on Torque™ ST, a seed-applied growth promoter. This research has also been posted to the compendium.

This site was developed by NCR-103, a committee of university specialists from the North Central Region representing Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Oregon, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Kansas, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

When you see an ad or talk with a sales person about a non-traditional material you’re thinking about using this year, try searching these university studies to get a better idea of how it might work in your operation.

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