Amit Jhala - Extension Weed Management Specialist

People gather at field border to hear presentation
Amit Jhala discusses a project titled "Critical Time of Cereal Rye Termination for Better Palmer Amaranth Suppression After Corn Planting."

Weed Control in Corn and Soybean Topics of Field Day

July 11, 2024
The 2024 Weed Management Field Day highlighted the latest extension research, including recommendations on pre-emergence herbicides for Palmer amaranth in soybean and herbicides for herbicide-resistant weeds in corn. 

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Amit Jhala speaks to attendees while standing in field
The 2024 Weed Management Field Day will feature on-site demonstrations of new technology and herbicides for corn, soybean and sorghum.

Nebraska Extension Weed Management Field Day June 26 at South Central Agricultural Laboratory

March 4, 2024
This year's Weed Management Field Day will feature in-person tours and field experiments to give attendees a closer look at new herbicides and technologies.

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Young palmer amaranth weed in a field
Young palmer amaranth weed in a field plot at the West Central Research, Education and Extension Center in North Platte. (Photo by Milos Zaric)

Updates on Dicamba Products (Engenia, Tavium and XtendiMax) Applied in Dicamba-tolerant Soybean in Nebraska

February 12, 2024
UPDATED: Extension advises Nebraska soybean producers on the 2024 growing season after a Feb. 6 federal court ruling vacated registrations of dicamba-based herbicides Xtendimax, Engenia and Tavium.

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Palmer amaranth in soybeans

What Do We Know About Water Use of Weeds?

June 14, 2023
In an effort to estimate the cost of weeds to agriculture and the overall economics of weed management, researchers recently analyzed numerous scientific studies on the water use of 34 weed species found across the world.

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Palmer in corn
Palmer amaranth invades a corn field in south-central Nebraska. (CropWatch file photo by Amit Jhala)

Effect of Drought on Weeds: Results of Global Meta-analysis

June 13, 2023
Researchers examined more than 1,000 studies to compile a comprehensive report on weed germination, growth and seed production during periods of water stress.

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SCAL weed management day
Nebraska Extension Weed Management Specialist Amit Jhala (at far left) will once again lead dscussion on weed management practices in Nebraska during this year's Weed Management Field Day, which is free and open to the public.

Nebraska Extension Weed Management Field Day June 28 at South Central Agricultural Laboratory

April 27, 2023
The free field day will include on-site demos of new technology and new herbicides for corn, soybean, popcorn and sorghum, as well as herbicide-resistant weed control options with various herbicide programs.

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Soybean interseeded in wheat

Herbicide Considerations When Interseeding Cover Crops

April 20, 2023
UNL Extension professionals provide insights on timing and volume of herbicide applications for interseeded cover crops to help producers avoid germination and plant establishment issues this growing season.  

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Soybean pesticides
Though Illinois, Iowa, Indiana and South Dakota have received new guidelines for the cutoff date to apply dicamba-based herbicides this year, Nebraska's cutoff date remains June 30.

No Change in Dicamba Cutoff Date in Nebraska for 2023

February 28, 2023
Nebraska's cutoff date of June 30 for application of Engenia, Tavium and XtendiMax in soybean remains unchanged for the 2023 growing season.

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