Proceedings Nebraska Crop Management Conference 2020

Nebraska Crop Management Conference

Proceedings 2020

Conference Program
Nebraska Crop Management Conference

Agribusiness Management & Marketing

Farm Program Decisions, Analysis, and Impacts

Brad Lubben

Crop Management

Ag Technology

From Driver to Driverless

It's 2020! Where's My Autonomous Tractor???

Digital Ag Applications in On-Farm Research: from Machine Setup/Calibration Basics to Advanced Analysis with Multiple Data Layers

Soil Changes Following Flooding and Deposition

Variable Rate Technology, Today's Technologies and their Value

Farm Economics and Profitability: Precision Ag

Benefit and Accessibility of IoT: LoRaWAN Network in Nebraska


Nebraska’s 2019 Flood Season

2019 Nebraska Flood Recovery and Future Preparation

The Emotional Lifecycle of a Natural Disaster

Ag Stress Resources

Cropping Systems

Long-Term Cropping Systems with Cover Crop and Grazing Results

Hindsight and Foresight at R6/R7

Forage Management

Economic Considerations of Converting Cropland to Perennial Grazinglands

Soil Fertility

Knorr-Holden Continuous Corn Plot Since 1912: Research results and practical implications for crop and soil management

Pest Management


Soybean Defoliating Insects

Robert Wright, Tom Hunt, Justin McMechan

Corn Ear Feeding Insects

Soybean Gall Midge

Pesticide Education

Applying Pesticides Safely

Frank Bright

Plant Pathology

Tar Spot of Corn is Knocking on Nebraska’s Door

Management of Frogeye Leaf Spot of Soybean in Consideration of Widespread Fungicide Resistance

Weed Science

Spray Quality: How It Affects Pesticide Efficacy and Drift

Robert Klein

Accuracy Matters for Effective Pesticide Applications

Impact of 2,4-D Micro-Rates on non-2,4-D Tolerant Soybean

Ivan Cuvaca, Darko Jovanovic, Jon Scott, Stevan Knezevic

What's New in Plant Protection Industry