Overland (NE01643))

Wheat variety Overland

Overland (developed as NE01643) is a hard red winter wheat developed cooperatively by the Nebraska Agriculture Experiment Station and the USDA-ARS and released in 2007 by the developing institutions and the South Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station. Overland is a semi-dwarf with a short coleoptile similar to Millennium and Wesley. It has a mature plant height of about 33 inches, which is similar to Millennium. Overland is moderately late in maturity. Although Overland has performed well in University of Nebraska irrigated variety trials, it has moderate straw strength that may result in lodging problems in irrigated production where yield potential exceeds 100 bushels per acre. In addition, it may produce more straw residue than desired. It has good to very good winter hardiness that is comparable to other winter wheat varieties adapted and commonly grown in Nebraska and South Dakota. As a moderately late maturing variety, Overland should be considered as a possible replacement for Arapahoe, Culver, Millennium, and Wesley, although Millennium and Wesley have better stem rust resistance and end use quality.

  • Moderately resistant to leaf rust, stripe rust, and Hessian fly
  • Appears to have tolerance to wheat streak mosaic virus that is similar to Jagalene, 2137, and Millennium
  • Moderately susceptible to stem rust
  • Noncomplementary varieties include: Arapahoe, Culver, Millennium, Wahoo, and Niobrara.
More variety characteristics in the Nebraska Crop Improvement Association 2016 Seed Guide (see chart on page 17)

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  • Muhlbach Seeds, Ravenna, 308-390-6052
  • Arrow Seed Co., Broken Bow, 308-872-6826
  • Darrel Wehnes & Sons, Inland, 402-772-8101
  • Carter Certified Seed, Chappell, 308-874-4583
  • Dunbar Seed, Eustis, 308-486-5590
  • Thimm Farms Inc., Beatrice, 402-239-2858
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  • Ronald Bolte, Blue Hill, 402-224-0444
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  • Jeff/Norman Rose, Blue Hill, 402-756-2073