Goodstreak ( NE97465)

Wheat variety Goodstreak

Goodstreak (developed as NE97465) is medium in maturity, about 1 day earlier than Buckskin and 2 days later than Pronghorn. It has a long coleoptile similar in length to Pronghorn and slightly shorter than Buckskin. Goodstreak has performed best in lower yield potential sites, such as the western Panhandle, but has been consistent in performance across western Nebraska.

  • The mature plant height of Goodstreak is 38 inches.
  • It has moderate straw strength, better than Arapahoe, Buckskin, and Pronghorn, but not as good as Wesley.
  • The winter hardiness of Goodsteak is good to very good and comparable to other winter wheat cultivars adapted and commonly grown in Nebraska. Goodstreak is moderately resistant to stem and stripe rust and Hessian fly (better than Buckskin).
  • It is susceptible to leaf rust and wheat streak mosaic virus. Goodstreak is a hard red winter wheat cultivar developed cooperatively by the Nebraska Agricultural Experimant Station and the USDA-ARS and released in 2002 by the developing institutions and the Wyoming Agricultural Experiment Station.
  • Noncomplementary varieties include: Colt, Ike, Loredo, and Pronghorn.
More variety characteristics in the Nebraska Crop Improvement Association 2016 Seed Guide (see chart on page 17)

Contact the following certified seed growers for this variety:

  • Cullan Farms, Hemingford, 308-487-5288
  • Kriesel Certified Seed, Gurley, 308-884-2424
  • V & F Farms Co., Chappell, 308-874-2840