Brawl CL Plus

Wheat variety Brawl CL Plus

Brawl CL Plus is an awned, white glumed, hard red winter wheat. It is medium-tall, early maturing and has excellent straw strength. It has a medium-long coleoptile and has excellent straw strength, test weight, and baking and milling qualities.

  • Moderate resistance to stripe rust, wheat soilborne mosaic Virus, and powdery mildew.
  • Selected from the three-way cross Teal 11A/Above//CO99314.
  • Developed by the Colorado Agricultural Experiment Station.
More variety characteristics in the Nebraska Crop Improvement Association 2016 Seed Guide (see chart on page 17)

Contact the following certified seed growers for this variety:

  • Prairie Sky Seed, Hemingford, 308-487-3705
  • Heritage Seed Co., Crawford, 308-665-1672
  • Campstool Farms, Kimball, 308-235-7284
  • Olsen Certfied Seed, Imperial, 308-882-7777
  • Peters Seed Farms Inc., McCook, 308-340-6834