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Michael Sindelar
Covering Clay, Fillmore, Nuckolls, and Thayer counties
Wheat flowering
Figure 1. Wheat flowering in Clay County

Wheat Update

May 24, 2019
Wheat growth is running 7-10 days behind normal across much of the state, which may push the grain-fill period into some of the hottest days of the wheat season. Delayed development likely helped most wheat escape injury from snow and low temperatures early this week.

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Figure 1. University of Wisconsin researchers studied drilling cover crops into V5 corn. (Source: University of Wisconsin Integrated Pest and Crop Management)
Figure 1. University of Wisconsin researchers studied drilling cover crops into V5 corn. (Source: University of Wisconsin Integrated Pest and Crop Management)

Interseeding Cover Crops into Corn or Soybean

May 23, 2019
In some years it may be difficult to well establish a cover crop after corn harvest. This article surveys current research on interseeding into an established crop, further considerations, and how to test this practice on your farm.

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Corn seedling exhibiting disease symptoms

New CW Podcast on Corn Seedling Diseases

May 8, 2019
Michael Sindelar talks with Extension Plant Pathologist Tamra Jackson-Ziems about common corn seedling diseases, what to watch for in the field, and how to collect and submit quality samples for diagnosis.

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Early planted wheat field in Nuckolls County; taken early May 2019

Eastern Nebraska Winter Wheat Update

May 3, 2019
Wheat in eastern Nebraska is behind normal growth stage, but has good yield potential. Weather in late May and early June, as wheat enters the critical grain fill stage, will likely dictate final yield.

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Soybean root lesion

New CW Podcast on Soybean Seedling Diseases

April 26, 2019
Tune in to this CropWatch podcast on seed and early season issues with soybean diseases. Is your seed selection or treatment well matched with historical problems in the field? What should you be watching for at emergence and what are your management options.

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Nebraska CropWatch podcast cover image

CropWatch Podcast on Spring Burndown Applications

March 22, 2019
On the latest Nebraska CropWatch podcast Extension Educator Michael Sindelar interviews Weed Specialist Amit Jhala about factors to address with burndown herbicide applications.

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Graphic for the UNL CropWatch Podcast

CW Podcast: Corn Planting and Early Growth Stages

February 22, 2019
This month's Nebraska CropWatch podcast looks at early season management factors to achieve a uniform corn stand, from hybrid selection to planting, and reviews what to expect with early season plant stages.

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Soil erosion following heavy rains

Extension Crop Reports Sept. 11, 2018

September 12, 2018
Extension Educators from across the state report on crop progress in their areas. Generally crops are maturing quickly with the warmer temperatures this week. Stalk rots are a concern in corn and growers are encouraged to check fields and prioritize harvests accordingly.

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