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Cover crops in early October in southeast Nebraska
Figure 1. With plentiful rainfall in southeast Nebraska in late summer and early fall, cover crops planted after wheat harvest are achieving excellent growth. (Photo by Gary Lesoing)

Extension Crop & Precipitation Reports October 12, 2018

Extension educators from across the state report on crop condition and harvest progress and complications in their areas.

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Counties where bacterial leaf streak has been confirmed

Extension Crop Reports & Crop Disease Notes (July 10-13) July 12, 2018

Crop reports from Extension Educators across the state and updates from plant pathology and the Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic.

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Extension Crop Reports June 22, 2018

Jenny Rees reports on crop progress and shares a video on determining approximate timing of off-target dicamba movement and Megan Taylor reports on crop progress in northeast Nebraska.

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Extension Crop Reports November 10, 2017

Tyler Williams, Extension Educator in Lancaster County: Harvest is rapidly progressing with most of the soybeans out and about 70% of the corn out.  Corn yields have been very good and soybean yield reports have been fairly average. I haven't seen much movement of anhydrous applicators or fieldwork, but that should get rolling any day.  (11/7/2017)

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Nebraska Extension Crop Reports - Late April April 26, 2017

Michael Rethwisch, Extension Educator for Butler and Polk Counties: This week I sampled alfalfa for alfalfa weevil larvae in several counties. Most larvae were very small, indicating that the hatch was very recent, and more weevil larvae should be expected.

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