Bruce Anderson - Emeritus Extension Forage Specialist

Bruce Anderson

Work Keim Hall (KEIM) 314
Lincoln NE 68583-0915
Work 402-472-6237 On campus, dial 2-6237

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new buds on alfalfa affected by freeze injury

Freeze Damage to Alfalfa

April 15, 2020
April freeze nips alfalfa. Extent of damage varies based on numerous factors, but no management actions are recommended.

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Field of alfalfa

Market Facilitation Funds for Alfalfa Growers

October 30, 2019
Thanks to the trade war, alfalfa growers may qualify for market facilitation payments, regardless of whether they were exporting their hay. Prior to the trade war, China was the number one importer of alfalfa hay from the United States.

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Thistle rosette - best controlled in the fall.
Figure 1. This fall scout for and treat small thistles before they become more difficult to treat next spring.

Thistle Control in October

September 19, 2019
Timing is everything when controlling troublesome #thistle patches. Herbicides work best in the fall when rosettes are small.

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Which One do I Want? Rye or Ryegrass?

August 1, 2019
What's the difference between forage rye and ryegrass? Annual ryegrass and Italian ryegrass?

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Oats - An Excellent Fall Forage in 6-8 Weeks

August 1, 2019
If you have good soil moisture, consider planting oats for fall forage. It grows fast, thrives under cool fall conditions, and can produce over 2 tons of hay or pasture yet this year.

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Figure 1. Research in northeast Nebraska indicates that adding alfalfa to a corn-soybean rotation can reduce nitrate in the aquifer while increasing profit.

Adding Alfalfa to Corn-Soybean Rotation can Increase Profit, Reduce Nitrate Leaching

July 31, 2019
University research shows that adding alfalfa into corn-soybean rotations can help reduce the loss of nitrate to and increase the extraction of nitrate from aquifers while improving profitability.

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How Summer Heat Affects Forage Growth

July 18, 2019
High heat can stress forage growth, especially with cool-season varieties. Adjusting management to allow increased time for recovery may be needed.

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Managing Seeding Year Alfalfa

July 16, 2019
Seeding year alfalfa is different from established stands and needs a different management and harvest strategy. While alfalfa seedlings can be harvested 40 days after emergence, it’s better to wait until 60 to 70 days after emergence.

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