Bruce Anderson - Extension Forage Specialist

Bruce Anderson

Work KEIM 314
Lincoln NE 68583-0915
Work 402-472-6237 On-campus 2-6237

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Recommendations for Harvesting Alfalfa in October October 3, 2017

Alfalfa's growing season is usually over by mid-October, but this year many fields received late season rain that's contributing to a substantial, high quality alfalfa crop. Here are some recommendations for a successful harvest when drying times are apt to be slow.

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How Freezes Affect Forages October 3, 2017

Frost can causes important changes in plant metabolism and composition, making forages a hazard to cattle for several days after a freeze.

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thistle rosette

Controlling Thistles in October September 25, 2017

Timing is everything, especially with thistle control in pastures. October and November are the optimum times to control these weeds even if they can be hard to see at this time.

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Safely Harvesting Alfalfa During the Winterizing Period September 8, 2017

A tempting amount of alfalfa growth may be available for harvest in early fall. A careful harvest will help assure it's also available next year.

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Hailed corn
Hailed corn

Correct Timing Makes the Best Silage August 17, 2017

Correct moisture and timing are critical to making good silage. Too wet and the product may be sour and less palatable. Too dry and it may be hard to pack and store. Just right and you'll make good feed and more profit.

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Planting Cover Crops after Silage Offers Several Benefits August 10, 2017

Planting cover crops after silage harvest offers several benefits, including reduced erosion from wind and water, biomass production and possible income.

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Interseeding Grass in Thinning Alfalfa August 10, 2017

Interseeding grass into existing alfalfa takes timely haying and planting, but both land and livestock will improve with your efforts. Check out these tips for adding grasses in alfalfa.

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Leased Pastures During Drought August 4, 2017

Are you grazing cattle on rented pastures?  If so, the current drought or abnormally dry conditions may force some important decisions.

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