Bruce Anderson - Extension Forage Specialist

Bruce Anderson

Work Keim Hall (KEIM) 314
Lincoln NE 68583-0915
Work 402-472-6237 On campus, dial 2-6237

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Wrapping Hay to Beat Wet Weather

April 3, 2019
Have you been plagued by rain damaging your high quality hay just as you are preparing to bale? Consider wrapping slightly tough hay in plastic to improve forage quality and reduce weather losses.

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Take Time to Evaluate Alfalfa Before Row-Crop Planting Season

April 1, 2019
In a rush to get into corn and soybean fields this spring, don't take your alfalfa for granted. Evaluate your stands and consider whether changes are needed for top production potential this year.

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A New NebGuide: Perennial Grass or Grass-Legume in Rotation with Annual Crops

March 29, 2019
Including perennial grass or a grass-legume mixture in up to a nine-year rotation may help improve soil productivity and profitability while achieving other benefits.

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Recovering Flooded Pastures

March 29, 2019
Recommendations for recovering a flooded pasture and making it viable again.

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Alfalfa Killed by Floods or Winter Conditions

March 22, 2019
While alfalfa usually comes through winter in pretty good shape in our area, I’m sure this year there could be plenty of exceptions, says Extension Forage Specialist Bruce Anderson. Here's what to watch for.

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Figure 1. Cattle grazing smooth bromegrass pasture at Mead.
Figure 1. Cattle grazing smooth bromegrass pasture at Mead.

Variables Affecting Establishment of Sorghum-Sudangrass in Smooth Bromegrass Pastures

March 13, 2019
This study evaluates how nitrogen management affects establishment of sorghum-sudangrass, thought to be an option in eastern Nebraska to increase productivity of smooth bromegrass pastures and fill the summer forage gap.

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Is my Alfalfa Safe to Graze?

November 9, 2018
Many alfalfa fields had good late-season growth, making grazing an option for some growers. While there's no guarantee against bloat when grazing alfalfa, taking these steps can minimize the risk.

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How Freezing Temperatures Affect Forages

October 15, 2018
When plants freeze, changes occur in their metabolism and composition that can poison grazing livestock if not properly managed. Delayed grazing is often the best solution, but how long should grazing be delayed?

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