NE Soil Health Initiative

NE Soil Health Initiative

Farmers in a field

Aerial Imagery and Cover Crops on Extension Almanac

November 2020

Two studies looking at the effectiveness of cover crops have been released by the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. UNL Assistant Cropping Systems Professor Andrea Basche talks about how aerial imagery can help producers understand the value of cover crops.

Annual On-Farm Research Results Meeting

February 2020

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Aerial view of tractor applying fertilizer to planted field
By adding hogs to his corn and soybean operation, Nebraska farmer Walter Traudt realized benefits beyond additional revenue for the farm by using manure to increase soil health and crop yields.

From Soil to Swine: How One Nebraska Farmer Found Success in Manure Management

July 11, 2024
For one Nebraska corn and soybean producer, an attempt at expanding operations revolutionized his whole approach to farming. Read more about his experience here.

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Woman sits near wall of soil
Judith Turk, associate professor in the School of Natural Resources, will use an $854,000 grant from the National Science Foundation’s Faculty Early Career Development Program to shed light on how human activity is impacting soil degradation in the Great Plains. (Photo by Craig Chandler, University Communication and Marketing)

Turk Investigating Soil Health Over Time, a Key to Climate Resilience Strategies

June 6, 2024
Turk’s research will inform soil carbon sequestration strategies and advance understanding of soil health, which is key to agricultural systems’ capacity to withstand extreme weather.

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Man speaks to audience at front of room
Gary Peterson, Colorado State University professor emeritus, delivered the opening keynote presentation at the Nebraska Soil Health School held at UNL’s High Plains Ag Lab on April 24. Peterson outlined historical events and mismanagement practices that have degraded the Great Plains soil and discussed the how and why the coupling of reduced tillage and cropping intensification can help growers rebuild soil. (Photo by Nicole Heldt)

2024 Nebraska Soil Health School has Successful Launch

May 9, 2024
The first Nebraska Soil Health School of the year was designed to provide potential management practices for producers in the Panhandle, with one focus being the practicalities of growing cover crops in semi-arid regions.

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Soil Health Cycle infographic

UNL Researchers Advance Soil Health Cycle Concept

May 1, 2024
In a new manuscript, UNL researchers outline the soil health cycle — a systematic approach to improving soil management practices that highlights the importance of soil health knowledge and beneficial policies for producers.

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Bijesh Maharjan speaks to elderly man near door
Bijesh Maharjan, (right), Nebraska Extension soil nutrient and management specialist, speaks to an attendee at the second Soil Health School at the West Central Research Extension and Education Center in North Platte. (Photo by Nicole Heldt)

Soil Health Gap Project Setting Up Baselines and Schools for Ag Producers

March 29, 2024
USDA NRCS is partnering with Nebraska Extension on research and grower outreach to encourage adoption of soil health strategies in Nebraska.

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