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Plants can develop diseases, which are defined as "anything that prevents a plant from preforming at its maximum potential." In order to understand diseases that affect corn, you need to first understand basic disease terminology

Corn can develop foliar diseases as well as stalk rot diseases


Identifying insects takes great attention to detail. While trying to identifying insect you will need to look at different parts of the insect’s anatomy. Need a refresher on insects

A diagnostic key is helpful in order to correctly identify pests feeding on corn.  

Soils & Nutrients

 You need to be aware of your soil types and understand basic soil fertility to be successful growing crops. Corn requires an effective fertilizer program. In order to efficiently apply fertilizer you should know how to take soil samples

Do you know what Nebraska's state soil is? 


Weeds not only take moisture away from crops, but valuable nutrients.  You need to know how to properly identify weeds so you can spray them effectively. 

Irrigation Management 

Nebraskans are blessed with a rich water resource available to raise crops even in drought stricken years. Each year, farmers become more technolgoy savy and efficient with their irrigation management. 

How do you Estimate Corn Yield?

How Do You Identify Corn Growth Stage?

Most of the time we determine a corn plant's stage of growth by breaking it into two stages in its life — the vegetative and reproductive stages. 

More corn development... 

Corn Leaf Stages