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harvesting unloading soybeans

Plan Harvest to Deliver Soybeans at the Optimum Moisture

September 1, 2020
Most soybeans are harvested and delivered directly to an elevator. Soybeans delivered below or above 13% moisture—the elevator standard—lose potential profit. The economics illustrated here show how harvest timing can affect potential income.

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Field of wheat

Q&A - Any Tips for Setting my Drill for Seeding Wheat?

September 1, 2017
Q: Last year I didn't get good seed-to-soil contact with my wheat seeder and my stands were uneven. What should I do differently? Proper seed depth and weight on the drill are among the factors to check.

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Nebraska precipitation map

When Weather Delays Planting – Now What?

May 26, 2017
Agronomists consider several options for those pushed into late planting due to heavy rains. Changing corn hybrids or soybean varieties is not recommended, nor is shifting to alternate crops.

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Field of mature soybeans
Figure 1. Keep a careful eye on soybean moisture as the crop dries down. What appears to be wet from the road may be dry enough to harvest. Soybeans in right side of photo had a fungicide application, same variety, thus are staying green longer.

Set Soybean Harvest Goal of 13% Moisture to Aid Profits

September 21, 2016
Learn how setting a goal of 13% moisture for harvested soybeans can help maximize potential profit from this year's harvest. Also see recommended adjustments for harvesting greener soybeans.

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Seed-vee that didn't properly close
Seed-vee that didn't properly close
Tractor tilling in wet soils
Tractor tilling in wet soils

Wait for Better Conditions before Heading Out on Wet Soils

May 27, 2016
Driving on or planting in wet soils can cause compaction and lead to reduced emergence, but how do you know when it's too wet? Check out these quick field tests of soil moisture.

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Planting Corn into a Cereal Rye Cover Crop

April 29, 2016
Cereal rye has become a popular cover crop to reduce soil erosion and add carbon to the soil system.

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Preseason Field Check of Planting Equipment

April 8, 2016

As you wait to start planting, take time now to check on how well your planter will perform in the field. As with any piece of equipment, the operator’s manual is the starting point for the initial settings and adjustments. Recommendations and trouble-shooting tips are available in the manual and from others who own and operate similar equipment.

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