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Graphic linking to resources on Staying Connected During Tought Times Resources for Nebraska Farmers, Ranchers, and their Families

Staying Connected During Tough Times — Resources for Nebraska Farmers, Ranchers, and Their Families

February 12, 2019
These Nebraska resources can help you weather the storm, whether you're facing financial, emotional or family challenges. If you're feeling stressed, these resources can offer information and aid.

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Extension Crop & Field Reports

October 10, 2017

John Wilson, Extension Educator in Burt County: Conditions here are wet. We got 2.5 inches of precipitation last week and another 0.5 inch Tuesday. Harvest is at a standstill with less than 10% of the corn and soybeans having been harvested. Alfalfa and pastures look great.

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New Extension Crop Publications

August 17, 2017
Among new releases from Nebraska Extension are two on the use of biologicals to manage crop disease as part of an integrated pest management (IPM) plan.

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Video on identifying charcoal rot in soybean

Extension Crop Reports August 7-11

August 7, 2017
Crop reports from Extension across the state, including on soybean aphids, southern rust, charcoal rot, and what educators are seeing in their areas.

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Painted lady butterfly
Figure 1. Several extension educators in eastern Nebraska this week reported unusually high numbers of painted lady butterflies, suggesting the likelihood that unusually high numbers of their caterpillars may be feeding on crops soon. (Photo by Jenny Rees)

Extension Crop Report August 4

August 4, 2017
Extension Educator Jenny Rees reports on crop status and what crop pests she's seeing in south central Nebraska fields.

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Nebraska Extension Crop Reports July 24-28

July 25, 2017

Troy Ingram, Extension Educator in Greeley County: We have been extremely dry here for about the past eight to nine weeks, receiving only about 0.75 inch of rain in that period. Dryland corn on lighter soils is in very bad condition. I don’t think rain will help it at this point. Some beans are still holding on, also depending on soil type. Pastures are also suffering.

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Snowy Sherman County Field May 1, 2017

Extension Crop Reports May 1-5

May 1, 2017
Extension Educator crop and field reports from across the state are compiled here weekly.

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Nebraska Extension Crop Reports

April 18, 2017
Crop and field reports from Nebraska Extension educators and specialists across the state reported for the week of April 17-21.

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