Mitchell Stephenson - Extension Range and Forage Management Specialist

4502 Ave I Scottsbluff NE 69361-4939

icon-documentPublications and Other Intellectual Contributions

  • Grazing Method Effect on Topographical Vegetation Characteristics and Livestock Performance in the Nebraska Sandhills, September 2013
  • Time of grazing effect on subsequent-year standing crop in the eastern Nebraska Sandhills, March 2015
  • Factors affecting the efficacy of low-stress herding and supplement placement to target cattle grazing locations, March 2017

icon-bookmark-starAwards & Honors

  • Outstanding Young Range Professional Award, the Society for Range Management, 2018
Faculty Bio

Rejuvra™: A New Herbicide for Battling Cheatgrass

October 7, 2020
Rejuvra™ is a new rangeland herbicide product from Bayer that works differently from existing cheatgrass herbicide products. Rejuvra™ can provide control for more than a year after application.

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Common mullein

Common Mullein Control: Herbicide Choice and Application Timing

October 7, 2020
Effective weed control in range, pasture, and CRP depends on selectivity and timing. In selecting an herbicide for common mullein control, there are a lot of options.

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Cattle grazing on cheatgrass and ungrazed rangeland
Figure 1. Cattle grazing on cheatgrass (left side of fence) and ungrazed rangeland (right side of fence). A tour of cheatgrass management trials at the university's Panhandle Experimental Rangeland will be Thursday, June 6.

Cheatgrass Management Field Tour June 6 at Scottsbluff

May 20, 2019
A tour of cheatgrass management trials will be 9 a.m. to noon on Thursday, June 6 at the University of Nebraska's Panhandle Experimental Rangeland.

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Alfalfa weevil larvae and adults
Figure 1. Alfalfa weevil larvae and adults collected in a single 12-sweep sample in Goshen County, Wyoming by Dan Keener on May 11, 2018. Note that both large larvae and adults are present.

Scout Diligently for Alfalfa Weevils in May And June

May 16, 2018
High populations of alfalfa weevils have been found in alfalfa throughout the Nebraska Panhandle; lower populations were reported this week in central and eastern Nebraska. The economics would warrant continued scouting through June to provide for timely treatment, if necessary, and yield protection.

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cattle grazing cool-season grasses
Figure 1. With grain prices down and input costs up, converting cropland to pastureland could create a profit opportunity for 2017. A successful and cost-effective conversion starts with careful planning. (Photo by Jerry Volesky)

Converting Cropland to Pastureland

March 16, 2017

At a time when crop production costs remain high as crop prices decline and cattle compete for scarce pastures, converting cropland to pasture might make sense. If you’re considering this change, take time to plan and do it right.

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Downy brome, also know as cheatgrass, in a field
Figure 1. Downy brome (cheatgrass) is greening up in a pasture in Scottsbluff County due to recent warmer temperatures; photo taken February 20, 2017. (Photo by Cody Creech)

Take Advantage of Warm Weather this Winter to Control Downy Brome

February 20, 2017
Just a month after double-digit below zero temperatures, Nebraska hit an extended period of above normal temperatures, coaxing weed seeds to germinate early in many fields and pastures and creating the need to tackle the influx early.

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