Lizabeth Stahl - Extension Crops Educator at the University of Minnesota

Sample of marketing chart

Field Studies: Blowing the Whistle on Marketing Claims

November 9, 2017
Marketing claims for agricultural products can report a range of data, some of which may be valid and important to your operation and some of which may not be. Evaluating the data to inform decision-making and purchases may require seeking additional data from the company or from reliable third-party research studies.

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Minnesota tillage plots

Field Studies: What do you mean 5 bushels per acre is not significant?

September 5, 2017
On-farm research offers opportunities for testing practices or products under grower field conditions, but how do you determine when the results are statistically different and reliable or due to other factors.

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On-farm research field

Field Studies: Setting Up a Trial

June 21, 2017
Reliable results from on-farm research often start with correct placement of randomized, replicated plots in your field. Soil type, topography, and other factors all need to be considered to ensure results are representative of the whole field.

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Field trial comparions of 7.5-inch and 30-inch row spacings
Figure 1. Left, 30-inch rows at 90,000 plants/ac; right, 7.5-inch rows at 120,000 plants/ac.

Field Studies: Replicated Comparisions vs Side-by-Side Comparisons

May 9, 2017
How to set up a basic research study on your farm to provide reliable results from replicated studies with random placement of treatments in each replication.

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