Ken Hellevang - North Dakota State University Extension Agricultural Engineer

Dr. Hellevang regularly shares grain storage information with CropWatch. For more information about his work and publications as well as his contact information, please visit his NDSU faculty website.

Grain bins on a farm

Proper Spring Grain Drying and Storage is Critical

March 14, 2019
The stored grain temperature increases in the spring not only due to an increase in outdoor temperatures, but also due to solar heat gain on the bin. Ken Hellevang, North Dakota State University Extension grain drying expert, outlines steps to maintain stored grain quality this spring.

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Saturated crop field with standing water in southeast Nebraska
Figure 1. High moisture conditions are leading to high moisture soybeans, complicating drying and storage efforts. (Photos by Laura Thompson)

NDSU Offers Advice on Drying Soybeans

October 12, 2018
Recent wet, rainy conditions are creating challenges for soybean producers wanting to dry and store this year's crop. NDSU Engineer Ken Hellevang offers advice for these conditions.

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Table of storage times for various tempratures of stored grain.

Consider Pros, Cons of Alternative Grain Storage Methods

September 5, 2018
Recommendations to help ensure quality grain storage, including tips for alternative facilities such as non-typical structures, piles, and bags and how to properly cool grain under various scenarios.

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Table of allowable storage times for soybeans at various temperatures

Better Soybean Storage Starts With Good Harvest Moisture

September 5, 2018
Storing soybeans at about 13% moisture can reduce mechanical damage and provide for a longer and higher quality storage. Here are some things to consider when storing soybeans.

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Grain bins
Grain bins

Diligent Monitoring, Cool Temps Needed to Maintain Stored Grain Quality

February 27, 2018
More heating occurs on the south wall of a grain bin on March 1 than during the middle of the summer. As outdoor temperatures fluctuate and eventually start to warm this spring, keeping stored grain cool and grain moisture in check is important to reduce potential losses. Here's how.

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grain bins
Stored grain requires careful management to preserve quality as well as your investment and potential income.

Grain Drying and Storage Tips

November 16, 2016
Tips for managing stored grain so it maintains its value. Includes tips for cooling stored grain and managing grain piles or plastic-bagged grain.

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Maintaining Grain Quality During Long-Term Storage

August 29, 2016

Some grain will be stored for many months or even more than a year due to low grain prices. Maintaining grain quality during this extended storage will require extra care and management, according to North Dakota State University's grain storage expert.

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Grain bins
Figure 1. With temperatures mounting this week, be sure check your stored grain and take steps to keep your grain cool, dry and in condition.

How to Keep Stored Grain Cool, Dry During Summer

June 6, 2016

"Cold or cool grain has been safely stored through the summer for many years," notes Ken Hellevang, an Extension agricultural engineer. "Keeping the grain as cool as possible should be the goal of spring and summer grain storage."

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