Jeffrey Cluever - Entomology PhD Student

Novel Strategies for the Management of the Western Bean Cutworm

January 22, 2020
The western bean cutworm is a pest of corn and dry bean. Typically, control is achieved by pyrethroids or transgenic traits. However, control with pyrethroids may prove difficult and transgenic traits are not available for dry bean. Biological control may prove to be a useful tool for growers of both crops.

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Crop progress and conditions for corn from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service indicating predicted timing for corn growth stages (2019).

Using Degree-Day Models to Predict Western Bean Cutworm Flights

June 21, 2019
With late planting, slow emergence, and cooler summer temperatures affecting corn development, will corn be spared from western bean cutworm damage in 2019. Unfortunately, models indicate WBC growth is also delayed. See a table of predicted dates for 2019 WBC flights in Nebraska and surrounding states.

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