UNL Water Web Site — Your Resource for Water Information

UNL Water Web Site — Your Resource for Water Information

March 6, 2009

Screenshot of the UNL Water Web site
Home page of the UNL Water Web site — a central resource for UNL water information, from drinking water to crop irrigation and from livestock manure management to domestic sewage.
University of Nebraska-Lincoln research, extension, and teaching experts from water-related disciplines are developing a water Web site to help you learn about — and manage — water.

Water.unl.edu focuses on both quality and quantity of water. It encompasses the day-in-day-out use of water as well as the development and maintenance of agricultural systems that assure safe, adequate water will be available for your family and future generations.

From irrigating crops more efficiently to protecting ponds and lakes, from managing a private drinking water supply to maintaining a wastewater treatment system, water is an integral part of your rural life. The water web site is organized to help you immediately find the information specific to your interest, question, or problem. The unbiased, research-based information on the site will help you better manage water for its many uses.

Content is organized into key subject areas, which are organized into more specific subject areas:


In addition, it offers a faculty and staff expertise directory with approximately 180 UNL faculty and staff who can be searched by specialization, name, or keyword.

Water Resources Advisory Panel

Ten individuals representing a wide cross section of the Nebraska water-decision making community currently serve on a UNL Water Resources Advisory Panel (WRAP). WRAP members provide advice and guidance to the University on state water research needs, education, and outreach programs. Information about WRAP is available on the UNL Water Web site.

Sharon Skipton
Extension Water Quality Educator