Resources — Software Tools

Yield Editor is a tool which allows the user to select, apply and analyze a variety of automated filters and editing techniques used to process and clean yield data. (University of Missouri - ARS)

Yield Check is software for screening geo-referenced yield monitor data. It detects six common types of erroneous yield monitor values:

  1. combine header status up,
  2. start-/end-pass delays,
  3. grain flow, distance traveled, and grain moisture outliers,
  4. values exceeding minimum and maximum biological yield limits,
  5. local neighborhood outliers, and
  6. short segments and co-located points.

Erroneous values are either deleted or flagged for further analysis to identify where they have occurred in the field. The output file can then be used in other commercial mapping software to create a yield map or maps of the different categories of erroneous yield values. (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

FOViewer (MapShots) can be used to process yield maps from several yield monitoring products.