Spider Mites in Soybean

Insecticides for Control of Spider Mites in Soybeans

Updated July 10, 2009

Economic Threshold:

Iowa State University Extension specialists have suggested that control may be warranted when infested plants have
substantial spotting or leaf yellowing and live mites, but before mites cause browning and leaf drop.

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For information on the biology and management of the spider mites,
refer to NebGuide G93-1167-A, Spider Mites Management in Corn and Soybeans.

IRAC Mode of Action Classification:
  • Group 1 = Acetylcholine esterase inhibitors; 1B = Organophosphates
  • Group 3 = Sodium channel modulators
R = Restricted-Use Product
Mode of

1B Dimethoate 400 dimethoate 1 pt 21-day harvest interval. Do not feed or graze within 5 days of last application.
1B R Lorsban 4 E chlorpyrifos ½ - 1 pt Do not apply more than 6 pints per acre per season. Do not apply last treatment within 28 days before harvest, nor apply last two treatments closer than 14 days apart. Do not graze or otherwise feed treated soybeans, forage, hay, or straw to meat or dairy animals.
3 R Proaxis gamma-cyhalothrin 3.84 fl oz For suppression only. Do not apply within 30 days of harvest or more than 0.48 pints per acre per season.