Insecticide Recommendations for Corn Ear Worm

Updated July 13, 2009 by Robert Wright



Economic Threshold:
10 eggs per 100 plants if silks are removed and examined for eggs outside the field,
OR 10% of the plants with eggs if examined in the field (Purdue University).

This list is not inclusive. See or other resources for additional registrations.
This information is presented in abbreviated form. Be sure to consult the label for additional information and restrictions.



IRAC Mode of Action Classification:
  • Group 1 = Acetylcholine esterase inhibitors; 1A = Carbamates, 1B = Organophosphates
  • Group 3 = Sodium channel modulators
R = Restricted-Use Product



Mode of

3 R Ambush 2 E permethrin 6.4-12.8 oz/acre  
3 R Asana XL esfenvalerate 5.8-9.6 oz/acre  
3 R Baythroid 2 cyfluthrin 1.6-2.8 fl oz/acre PHI 21 days for grain or fodder.
REI 12 hrs.
3 R Capture 2 EC bifenthrin 2.1-6.4 oz/acre Field corn (grain and silage), popcorn and seed corn. Apply in a minimum of 2-5 gallons of spray per acre by aircraft or 10 gallons per acre with ground equipment. Do not apply within 30 days of harvest.
1A Lannate LV methomyl 0.75-1.5 lbs/acre Do not apply more than 2.25 lb ai per acre per crop.
1A Lannate SP methomyl 0.25-0.50 lb/acre Do not apply more than 2.25 lb ai per acre per crop.
3 R Mustang Max zeta-cypermethrin 2.72-4.0 oz/acre A 24c label with a 1-day PHI for use on seed corn, field corn and popcorn. This labeling must be in the possession of the user at the time of pesticide application.
1B Nufos 4E chlorpyrifos 1.5-2.0 pts/acre Apply 2-5 gal of spray per acre by air.
3 R Pounce 3.2 EC permethrin 4-8 oz/acre  
3 R Pounce 25WP permethrin 6.4-12.8 oz/acre Do not make treatments less than 6 days apart. Up to 0.6 lb ai may be used per season.
3 R Proaxis gamma-cyhalothrin 1.92-3.20 fl oz/acre Apply a minimum of 2 gal of spray per acre by air.
1A Sevin 4F carbaryl 1-2 quarts/acre Repeat applications as needed up to a total of 4 times, but not more than once every 14 days. Do not apply within 48 days of harvest of grain and fodder or within 14 days of harvest of forage or silage.
3 R Warrior 1CS cyhalothrin 1.92-3.20 fl oz/acre When applying by air, apply in a minimum of 2 gals of water/acre.
3 R Warrior 1 EC lambda- cyhalothrin 1.92-3.2 oz/acre