Extension Field Reports May 11-15

Nebraska Extension Field Reports May 11-15

Gary Zoubek, Extension Educator in York County: Between May 4 and May 14 we received precipitation seven times for a total of 4.67 inches so except for a couple days we haven't had a lot of planting or field progress. The last inch came the evening of May 13 was nice and slow all night. We have had a little flooding damage and not much frost damage that I could observe as I surveyed parts of the county. The earliest planted corn in the area was in the 2-3 leaf stage on May 13. We could sure use a little more sunny and warmer weather. We still have considerable acres of corn and soybeans that need to be planted. (May 14)

Freeze-Damaged Winter Wheat in the Panhandle
As the week progressed and more was added to this story, it was moved to panhandle-wheat-freeze-damage.