Troy Ingram - Extension Educator

Troy Ingram

612 Indian St St. Paul NE 68873-1642
Troy, a 6th year Extension Educator, focuses on Irrigated Cropping Systems in the Central 4.


  • BS, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 2004
  • MS, University of Nebraska - Lincoln, 2006

Location: Central 4 (Valley, Greeley, Sherman, and Howard Counties)
Focus Area: Irrigated Cropping Systems

Center pivot irrigation system
Figure 1. A walking inspection of your irrigation system can help identify mechanical problems leading to non-uniform water application.

Sprinkler Irrigation System Maintenance for Improved Uniformity and Application Efficiency

August 23, 2016
Center pivot irrigation systems are designed and managed to apply water as uniformly as possible to enhance crop production. Uniformity has a direct effect on the system’s overall application efficiency, which is a measure of how well an irrigation system delivers water to a crop’s root zone.

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Watermark sensor installed in corn
Figure 1. Early installation of Watermark sensors minimizes root damage and allows the sensor time to acclimate with the soil.

Irrigation Sensor Installation Tips

May 26, 2016

As planting progresses across the state, it is recommended that irrigators start installing water sensors in fields as time allows. Any time sensors are installed, a few simple questions should be addressed to ensure accurate readings for irrigation management later this season.

1)  When should sensors be installed?

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ETgage in a soybean field
Figure 1. ETgage installed near soybean field

Atmometer (ETgage) Installation Tips

May 26, 2016
ETgages estimate potential crop evapotransiration, allowing growers to track crop water use and apply irrigation more precisely when the crop can best use it. Learn about how to prepare and install ETgages and use the resulting data. Includes table of crop coefficients for corn, soybean, and wheat.

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