Tom Hoegemeyer - Former Adjunct Professor of Practice

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Corn field with a heavy cloud cover

Corn and Clouds: “…from both sides now…”

November 6, 2019
Solar radiation and temperature data for the third week of August in central Nebraska indicates it likely contributed to the lower-than-expected yields being reported by many growers this year.

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An ear of corn

How Does Cool Cloudy Weather Affect Corn During Grain Fill?

September 20, 2019
Cool or cloudy weather in late August during the grain-fill period can enhance or reduce yield, often depending on whether there's an early frost.

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Pollen on leaves and silks in spite of heat
Corn pollen on and near silks. For each kernel of grain to be produced, one silk needs to be fertilized by one pollen grain. Photo by Jenny Rees.

How Extended High Heat Disrupts Corn Pollination

July 19, 2019
A lot of factors can affect corn pollination success, including recent and predicted high heat and high humidity. This explains how environmental conditions influence the pollination process and how a cool down later this weekend may be helpful.

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