Tessa Burford

TAPS field day attendees examine field
Chuck Burr, crops and water extension educator and TAPS team member, (at center in gray shirt and red cap), stands with attendees in a problematic plot at the UNL-TAPS Summer Event Field Day, as they examine and discuss issues during the problematic plot educational activity.

TAPS Hosts Summer Event Field Day

July 13, 2021
Summer Event attendees experienced a variety of hands-on activities, such as examining problematic plots as a group and an agronomic Olympics contest, which connected to the six major decision areas associated with the TAPS educational experience.

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TAPS Plans Summer Event Field Day

May 24, 2021
Revamped for 2021, the upcoming TAPS Summer Event Field Day in June will feature a crop diagnostic competition, an agronomic Olympics event, company small group discussions, an overview of marketing and cost of production, and more.

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