Teshome Regassa - Research Assistant Professor

Teshome Regassa

Dr. Regassa is no longer at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, as of July 1, 2019.

Early planted wheat field in Nuckolls County; taken early May 2019

Eastern Nebraska Winter Wheat Update

May 3, 2019
Wheat in eastern Nebraska is behind normal growth stage, but has good yield potential. Weather in late May and early June, as wheat enters the critical grain fill stage, will likely dictate final yield.

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UNL variety trials conducted in eastern Nebraska are an important process to help guide grower’s variety selection.
Figure 1. UNL variety trials conducted in eastern Nebraska are an important process to help guide grower’s variety selection.

Winter Wheat Varieties with an Eastern Nebraska Fit

September 27, 2018
Winter wheat growers in eastern Nebraska will want to check out the newer winter wheat varieties described here as well as a table of comparable traits to aid in selecting a variety best suited for their operation.

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Wheat variety trials
Winter wheat variety trials are conducted across the state to evaluate yield, protein, and weight of different varieties under different conditions.

2018 Nebraska Variety Testing Summary and Fall Seed Guide

August 30, 2018
This summary looks at lessons learned from the 2018 wheat variety trials (some sites garnered excellent yields) and how to use data from multiple trials to aid seed selection for the 2019 crop.

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A wheat field. Links to full article.

View 2018 Nebraska Winter Wheat Variety Test Results

August 21, 2018
The 2018 Nebraska Winter Wheat Variety Trial results are now available online and include data from 14 sites on variety, brand, grain yield, moisture percent, and bushel weight.

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Photos of two very different eastern Nebraska wheat fields
Figure 1. Photos of both of these eastern Nebraska wheat fields were taken June 16, 2018 and show the contrast between wheat grown in Thayer County (left) in southeast Nebraska where precipitation was much below normal and a field in Washington County in east central Nebraska where there was sufficient soil mosture throughout the season. (Photos by Brad Heinrichs (left) and Nathan Mueller)

Recap of 2017-18 Eastern Nebraska Winter Wheat Crop

July 25, 2018
Winter wheat yields in eastern Nebraska were quite variable in 2018, ranging from 10 to 80 bu/ac, depending on precipitation. This review of the growing season examines some of the factors affecting yields in southeast, east central, and northeast Nebraska.

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Map of 2018 Winter Wheat Field Day Sites in Nebraska

2018 Winter Wheat Field Days at 11 Sites

April 26, 2018
Winter wheat field days will be held at 11 sites in Nebraska this summer, starting May 30 in Jefferson County and ending June 22 in Box Butte County. Each site will feature 25-50 released and experimental wheat varieties from companies selling wheat seed in Nebraska .

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UNL winter wheat variety trial in a farmer field
Figure 1. University variety trials conducted in a farmer's field with farmer practices in Jefferson County in southeast Nebraska. (Photos by Teshome Regassa)

2017 Nebraska Winter Wheat Variety Testing and Overall Results

August 28, 2017
Results from 2017 winter wheat trials and how to use them to select the best matched varieties for your farm. Includes a table of leading wheat varieties and their performance and rank by region.

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Fall Seed Guide cover

Nebraska Wheat Variety Trial Data and Fall Seed Guide

August 18, 2017
The 2017 Fall Seed Guide and results from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2017 Wheat Variety Trials are now available online.

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