Terra Hartman - Graduate Research Assistant

Bacterial leaf streak in corn
Figure 1. Bacterial leaf streak symptoms on corn are interveinal streaks that may appear tan, brown, or especially yellow when backlit by the sun.

Bacterial Leaf Streak of Corn August 25, 2017

Bacterial leaf streak was just confirmed in Nebraska in 2016, the first incidence in the US, but has now spread to 56 counties and is found in eight other states.Learn about factors contributing to its development and "host" plants, as well as management options.

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Bacterial leaf streak lesions of corn

Bacterial Leaf Streak Confirmed on V4 Corn in Nebraska June 15, 2017

Bacterial leaf streak disease has been confirmed on a sample submitted to the UNL Plant and Pest Diagnostic Clinic from Adams County. The corn was at the V4 growth stage and represents the earliest that the disease has been confirmed in a field.

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Sampling of bacterial leaf streak lesions of corn
Figures 2-4. Bacterial leaf streak lesions may vary in color and length, but will be between veins and often have wavy margins.

Update on Bacterial Leaf Streak of Corn in Nebraska February 23, 2017

Bacterial leaf streak was first confirmed in the US in August 2016 when it was identified in Nebraska corn. It has now been confirmed in 51 Nebraska counties and found in corn fields across the Midwest. This article offers information on current status, identification, and management of the disease. Resistance is not currently available in hybrids and standard management measures of bacterial diseases will help mitigate but not eliminate damage.

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