Rich Little - Farming Systems Research Technologist

Rich Little

Work Kiesselbach Crops Research Laboratory (KCR) 202B
Lincoln NE 68583-0817
Work 402-472-2811 On campus, dial 2-2811


Improving Manure Nitrogen Use Efficiency

April 18, 2019
A multi-year study of organic N used in Nebraska crop production validated sensor guided in-season N application as a means to efficiently use the N available from manure and other organic materials. See what benefits they found, as well as considerations for use.

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Figure 1. Crimping rye at a mild angle using a newly designed roller-crimper with two 10-foot barrels. (Photos by Rich Little)

A Roller-Crimper for Cover Crop Termination and Weed Suppression

March 7, 2019
Following unsatisfactory crimping results with a commercial crimper, in 2016 researchers built a crimper with a unique design with two gangs that pull at an angle to the direction of travel. View research results from field tests with the new crimper.

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Triticale crimped before adding green beans

Production of Soybean or Green Bean Following a Crimped Cover Crop

March 7, 2019
Based on Nebraska research and a review of findings from other studies, best management practices for crimping rye before planting soybean or green bean are explored. Data on degree of weed control and soybean yields are included.

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Ridge cultivation in an organic system

New NebGuide on Planning the Transition to Organic Crop Production

March 8, 2017
Nebraska farmers considering a transition to organic production will gain a broad overview of the planning needed to be successful in this new NebGuide, Planning the Transition to Organic Crop Production (G2282). It provides Nebraska-specific guidance and links to on-line resources to help farmers and their consultants start the transition to organic certification.

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Crimper designed by UNL students to be used in cover crops
Crimper designed by UNL students to be used in cover crops

Mulch Cropping Field Day & Crimper Demonstration Sunday near Abie

May 13, 2016
The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is hosting a Mulch Cropping Field Day May 15 to show use of a crimper to provide mulch and drilling beans into crimped triticale.

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