Pin-Chu Lai - Extension Entomologist

Pin-Chu Lai

  • Asst Professor University of Nebraska–Lincoln
PHREEC 4502 Avenue I Scottsbluff NE 69361-4939
Insects in a line on flat surface
Figure 1. Wheat stem sawfly adult (left) and the two species of Bracon parasitoids (middle and right) that are commonly found parasitizing wheat stem sawfly larvae in Nebraska. (Photo by Jeff Bradshaw)

Wheat Stem Sawfly Flights Peaked, New Reports of Range Expansion

June 12, 2024
In addition to confirming the presence of wheat stem sawfly in new Nebraska counties this year, Nebraska Extension anticipates fairly high pressure from the crop pest this growing season.

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Army cutworm larvae in a hand

Army Cutworm Scouting Urged in Western Nebraska Wheat and Alfalfa

March 6, 2024
With recent warm weather, army cutworms have been spotted in southern Sioux County and central Lincoln County. Producers should begin scouting for this pest to mitigate crop damage, particularly in winter wheat and alfalfa.

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Alfalfa weevil larvae
Figure 1. Adult and small- to medium-sized larvae of the alfalfa weevil. (Photo by Julie Peterson)

Alfalfa Weevil Surging in Alfalfa Fields

May 8, 2024
Alfalfa weevil larvae have emerged in southeast, south-central and central Nebraska; scouting for this pest is crucial for alfalfa producers over the next few weeks.

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Virus infected wheat
Figure 1. The wheat-mite-virus complex has extreme potential to impact yield the following year if high risk volunteer wheat situations are not managed well. (Photo by Gary Hein)

Reasons You Will Want to Control Volunteer Wheat and Weeds in Wheat Stubble After Harvest

June 19, 2024
Volunteer wheat can provide the summer "green bridge" for the disease wheat streak mosaic and other virus diseases, as well as soil water loss that could translate into a substantial decrease in yields the following year.

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