Nicole Stoner - Extension Educator

Japanese beetle
Figure 1. Japanese beetle (Popillia japonica) (Photo by Jim Kalisch)

Nebraska Extension Pest of the Month: Japanese Beetle

February 1, 2017

Insects are a part of our environment. Most are beneficial, not problematic. In fact, only a small percentage — less than one percent of all insects — are considered pests. However, some pests can be very problematic because they are invasive insects that came here from another country and they came here without their natural predators.

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Nebraska windbreak
Two February workshops will offer information on maintaining and renovating the windbreaks that provide critical protection for crops and livestock.

Windbreak Renovation Workshops in Southeast Nebraska

January 19, 2017
Nebraska Extension, the Nebraska Forest Service, and the Lower Big Blue Natural Resource District will be joining to host two workshops on renovating windbreaks and caring for trees and shrubs. Programs will be held at the Saline Center north of Western and in Beatrice.

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