Karla Wilke - Cow/Calf Stocker Management Specialist

Pinto beans
Nebraska ranks second in production of dry edible beans; however, this year drought and hail took a toll on dry edible beans in western Nebaska. For those harvests that don't meet the grade for human consumption, livestock feed may be an option.

Incorporating Drought or Hail Stricken Dry Edible Beans in Livestock Feed

August 28, 2019
In some areas of western Nebraska hail and drought took a toll on dry edible beans this year, reducing the feasability of harvesting them for rigorous human consumption standards. Consider these other options for their use.

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drought-stressed corn

Is Silage an Option for Corn Impacted by the Canal Breach?

August 2, 2019
Without irrigation water and adequate rainfall, taking this western Nebraska corn to full maturity and grain production may not be the best option for the crop. Here's why silage may offer benefits.

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