John Lindquist - Professor of Agronomy

John Lindquist

Work KCR 105C
Lincoln NE 68583-0817
Work 402-472-2771 On-campus 2-2771

Faculty Bio

Residues from cover crop mixtures terminated via sweep plow undercutter (left) or disk (right) in May 2010 study near Mead.

Cover Crop Mixtures: Effects of Diversity and Termination Method on Weeds, Soil, and Crop Yield November 30, 2016

Overview of two experiments conducted in eastern Nebraska to quantify the productivity and agronomic effects of diverse cover crop mixtures and to determine how several termination methods might alter those effects.

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Cover Crop Mixture Diversity and Function November 30, 2016

Do cover crop mixtures perform better than monoculture plantings? This overview looks at a research study using various plantings of 18 cover crop species, both in monoculture and combination plantings, to examine biomass production as well as the effect of the different plantings on weed suppression, soil nutrient retention, or soil microbial biomass.

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