Jack Arterburn - Northern Panhandle Beef Systems Extension Educator

Common mullein
Figure 1. Stand of common mullein. (All photos by Gary Stone)

Common Mullein, an Invasive Weed on Nebraska’s Horizon

June 4, 2018
Common mullein is an invasive weed threatening western Nebraska land use. Here's what you need to know to be on your guard as prevention and early control are the best and the cheapest management options.

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Life cycle of the black grass bug in western Nebraska

Scouting Recommended in Wheatgrass for Black Grass Bugs

April 27, 2018
In western Nebraska when wheatgrass, especially crested wheatgrass, starts growing, it’s time to begin monitoring for black grass bugs. Feeding damage caused by these insects can substantially reduce wheatgrass forage production.

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Common mullein

Managing Common Mullein this Fall

September 27, 2017
Fall is an excellent time to ramp up control measures against common mullein, whose rosette stage is highly susceptible to herbicide in the fall as nutrients are translocated to the roots for next years’ growth.

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