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Woman stands in front of panel sitting on stage
Jordyn Bader discusses her work with the ag-tech startup Marble Technologies during the Heuermann Lecture on May 29. She was part of a panel of ag-tech entrepreneurs that also included (from left) Shane Forney of Sentinel Fertigation; Chad Johnson of Grain Weevil; Jacob Hansen of ALA Engineering; and Jessica Korinek of Nave Analytics. (Photo by Cara Pesek, IANR Media)

Heuermann Lecture Panel Touts Nebraska’s Ag Tech Strength

June 13, 2024
The lecture highlighted Nebraska’s strengths in ag tech, including diverse startups, increased venture capital, and large-scale strategic investments enabling research innovations.

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Man and woman stand in wheat field
The university developed this new wheat variety through a group effort headed by Stephen Wegulo, professor of plant pathology and plant pathologist for Nebraska Extension, and Katherine Frels, Nebraska’s small grains breeder and an assistant professor of agronomy and horticulture. (Photo by Craig Chandler, University Communication and Marketing)

Nebraska-developed Wheat Variety to Address New Fungal Threat

June 12, 2024
The University of Nebraska–Lincoln is releasing a new wheat variety, NE Prism CLP, that stands out for its resistance to fungal disease, including fusarium head blight.

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Man holds plant in greenhouse
Vladimir Torres-Rodriguez, a postdoctoral associate in the Schnable Lab, developed and tested an innovative gene-analysis method, focusing on RNA, that greatly boosts the ability to identify corn genes. (Photo by Lina Lopez, Schnable Lab)

Nebraska Team Develops Technique to Speed Up Corn Gene Identification

June 6, 2024
UNL researchers' findings from the study could lead to faster creation of more resilient corn varieties and broader producer access to improved crops.

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Heuermann Lecture infographic

May 29 Heuermann Lecture Symposium to Focus on Ag Tech Opportunities

May 14, 2024
The public is invited to hear discussion by numerous innovative companies on revolutionary new and emerging technologies for the ag industry at the next Heuermann Lecture, which is free to attend and will be livestreamed. 

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Ana Vélez looks through container of insects to camera in lab
Ana Vélez, associate professor of entomology, directs multiple projects in her lab, researching new genetic tools to help combat the western corn rootworm, one of the world's most devastating crop pests. (Photo by Craig Chandler, University Communication and Marketing)

Vélez is a Leader in Genetic Technology to Contain Corn Rootworm

May 2, 2024
Husker scientist Ana Maria Vélez is pioneering a genetic technology that increases larvae mortality to suppress western corn rootworm, which annually causes up to $2 billion in yield loss and control costs in the Corn Belt.

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Jamie Lahowetz standing in front of trees
Jamie Lahowetz manages the High Plains Regional Climate Center’s Automated Weather Data Network, which collects and processes a range of climate data across a six-state region. The center, affiliated with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, is operated by the School of Natural Resources at Nebraska. (Photo by Ryan Soderlin, University of Nebraska at Omaha)

Climate Center’s Online Tool Strengthens Understanding of Wind Trends

April 4, 2024
A new online wind climatology tool provides detailed wind data for any location in Nebraska, which will have practical, valuable applications for the agriculture industry, energy sector and emergency services.

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Robert Swap speaks at podium
Robert Swap, an official with NASA's Earth Science Division, addresses the Harnessing the Heartland conference. The new regional initiative will develop collaborative strategies drawing on input from Midwest residents, communities and institutions. (Photo by Russell Shaffer, Rural Prosperity Nebraska)

Husker Faculty, NASA Pursue Partnerships on Midwest Climate Resilience

March 28, 2024
In a new initiative, scientists from multiple institutions across the nation will collaborate on climate resilience research to help the Midwest address drought, extreme wind events and floods.

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Nate Thorson stands beside screen displaying ag software
The NFarms initiative at the Eastern Nebraska Research, Extension and Education Center will be a test bed for new technologies, as well as platforms to help farmers better harness data. The initiative also will develop innovative decision-making tools that producers can use for efficient field management. Nate Thorson, the program’s research manager, brings experience with both agricultural production systems and software design to the platform. (Photo by Deloris Pittman)

NFarms Research Will Bring Precision Ag Innovations to Producers

February 14, 2024
The new NFarms facility, to be constructed at the Eastern Nebraska Research, Extension and Education Center, will be a test bed for new technologies, as well as platforms to help farmers better harness data.

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