Daren Redfearn - Associate Professor Agronomy

Cattle grazing cornstalks

Short-term Livestock Grazing Impacts on Crop and Soil Properties from an Eastern Nebraska Experiment

June 8, 2023
Nebraska researchers evaluated two no-till, non-irrigated cropping systems from 2018 to 2020 to compare the effects of livestock grazing in a corn-soybean and corn-soybean-wheat rotation on crop productivity.

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Fall Armyworm

Fall Armyworms in Pastures, Alfalfa, Small Grains, Cover Crops, and Lawns

September 24, 2021
We continue to receive questions on management with the unprecedented number of fall armyworms experienced in Nebraska this fall. The following is a Q/A to address the specific questions we’ve received.

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Crop planted in green cover crop
Figure 1. Corn planted into green rye terminated at planting.

Planting Green Questionnaire – Simple Analysis

February 18, 2021
New survey and sharing results from the 2020 survey of Midwestern agriculturalists when planting soybean and corn into green cover crops.

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